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Map of mineral resources of Ukraine

Ukraine belongs to the countries with medium security resources Kopalin.Provision of some of them several times the applicable (native sulfur, mercury, graphite, bromine, kaolin), other - 1.4 1.0 times (iron, manganese and titanium ore, salt, silica raw materials). Thus, Ukraine is poorly endowed with fuel and energy resources, especially oil and natural gas, ores of nonferrous metals (aluminum, copper, lead and zinc raw materials), certain types of chemical raw materials, especially agroores (apatite, phosphates, potassium salts). At the same time availability of many metal ores - iron, manganese, titanium and raw materials for the production of building materials (cement raw materials, building stone, refractory clay) high


As a result, Ukraine is one of the components of the international division of labor, fuel and raw materials. It massively exporting native sulfur, salt, chlorine-free potash, graphite, mercury, kaolin, high Flux (for melting ferrous metals) raw materials, quartz sand, natural stone cladding and construction (especially granite, labradorite, basalt). Minerals can be regionalized, ie allocate their territorial differences. The most common are two types of zoning - the geological and economic and geographical.

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The geological rayonyrovanyy vыdelyayut Province, region, rayonы Pack yskopaemыh and Separate rudnyy field. All possess properties.

Provincia Pack yskopaemыh - is uchastok Large zemnoy korы, ohvatыvaet znachytelnuyu part tektonycheskoho the region - platforms Or heosynklynalnoho zone (for example, a belt of new, alpyyskoy folding).

Region - is part Province, kotoraja ohvatыvaet tektonycheskye structure More series order - antyklynoryev, synklynoryev et al. (For example, hornыh Carpathians) . Here vыdelyayutsya belt and POOLS Pack in dependence strike from forms (for example, Karpatskyy times and Lvovsko-Volynsky pool).

Pack yskopaemыh area - is part field, harakteryzuyuscheysya spetsyfycheskymy Features s sosredotochenyya Or at Limit zone basin.

Rudnoe field presents soboj group of mestorozhdenyy, kotoryya obъedynenы obschym origin in one heolohycheskoy structure. Square comparative small ore field - this Several kvadratnыh to tens of kilometers. Fields sostoyat IZ mestorozhdenyy and îíè, in turn, tel Or IZ plots.

According to economic-geographical rayonyrovanyyu Pack Various forms yskopaemыh vыdelyayutsya s territorial sosredotochenyya - kustы, and rayonы zone.

Bush - is The combination of two Or Several mestorozhdenyy at about A nebolshoy territory (prymerno 1 thousand. Km 2 ). For kotorogo characterized vыsokaya terrytoryalnaya sosredotochennost Pack.