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Feasibility Study

Our company is engaged in drawing up feasibility studies as a separate report and provide the results in DKZ Ukraine.

What is it for? Given that the economic and legal situation in Ukraine is changing very quickly and indicators that were relevant 2-3 years ago, now do not reflect the real picture, as previously approved rate of return of mining, can not display the reality, but simply to create a greater tax burden than is possible in modern conditions.

In addition, for example, for deposits of underground water before even this figure is not determined, and now the Tax Inspectorate makes such companies pay such indicator.

In such cases, our geologists, economists, along with accountants and lawyers analyze the economic impact of the optimization of economic performance and offer their services at the lowest prices.

In addition, our company offers the possibility of payment of ex post services, such as the company gets a new cost-effectiveness ratio, which saves the company 100 thousand hryvnia per year. For three months, the company-subsoil user after the entry into force of this indicator is calculated with us. This is very beneficial because you are not spending the existing money and instantly see the result.