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Mountain audit

One of the activities of is - a mountain audit. Kiev. Ukraine.

The estimation of mineral reserves and resources in accordance with international standards.

Estimation of reserves / resources of mineral raw materials according to international standards (JORC, NI 43-101, PERC and other standards) is a popular work, as it allows mining companies to enter international financial markets or to prepare audit reports in accordance with international standards.

Complex analysis (Due Diligence) of mining projects.

Our company provides a comprehensive analysis of independent production or project aimed at an objective disclosure and presentation of its current state. As a result of the work is given to assess the possibility to maintain or increase production. Among the analyzed issues can be considered: the availability of resources, the state of production and fixed assets, personnel matters, financial and economic assessment of the actual costs of the project and future cash flows, as well as many other issues, according to the customer's specifications.

Owner's Engineer Report - Financial and technical monitoring of project implementation:

Work performed for donors or by request of owners. Standard OER include:

  • Analysis of the current status of the project and documentation;
  • the adjustment parameters of the project;
  • Monitoring of Implementation of the production plan;
  • budgetary control and targeted use of funds;
  • a detailed description of the reasons that led to deviations / changes from the original project parameters. Risks associated with disabilities;
  • Actions aimed at reducing the negative effects.

Implementation of monitoring can be carried out on a monthly, quarterly or other regular basis. With the constant presence of the Contractor at the facility and direct participation in the operational processes of the project, formed a team of qualified independent experts.