The company's goal is - the constant success of the client, rather than a one-time income!

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Geological and economic evaluation of mineral deposits

Our company carries out geological and economic assessment, development scoping study and approval of the results (mineral resources) exploration in the State Commission of Ukraine on Mineral Reserves of Ukraine (approval of reserves by GKZ).

According to the changes in tax legislation, and now a regular, repeated economic-geological evaluation it should be carried out every five years, or when charging for the subsoil, the subsoil user must apply the rate of return of mining enterprises in the triple size of NBU discount rate.

In such cases, our experts initially with accountants and lawyers Customer companies analyze the economic impact of holding economic-geological evaluation and approval of a new factor of profitability of mining companies, and after offering their services.

LLC "Geoproff" favorably with other companies, individual approach to each client, we ourselves will come to your office for a contract, do the work and bring results to your office.

Given that Geoproff a small company, we are able to establish a more loyal to the prices for our customers, for regular customers a flexible system of discounts. A close collaboration with the best specialists in Ukraine allows you to always get the best quality at reasonable prices.

In addition, we provide geological support of mining operations at the enterprises after economic-geological evaluation. For all the loyal customers provided the individual bonus system.

The company's goal is - the constant success of the client, rather than a one-time income!