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Radiation-hygienic assessment

Our company performs annual radiation-hygienic assessment of species , which is scheduled for production in the current period in accordance with the requirements of the special conditions of special permits for subsoil use.

Most special permits for special permits for subsoil use subsoil use one of the special conditions is the annualradiation monitoring over rocks in a quarry and finished products for compliance NRBU-97.

At the same time the annual reception of certificates (certificates) of the radiation quality of products and raw materials are not sufficient to meet the conditions specified.

To perform such work on the planned for mining in the relevant year the site is carried out:

  • Pedestrian gamma survey with the definition of exposure dose of gamma radiation field of rocks in a 2-geometry;
  • sampling to determine the content of radioactive elements in the rocks of the field;
  • The laboratory tests of the samples and the determination of the total specific activity of radionuclides.

Report drawn up on the results of the works of radiation-hygienic assessment, which is approved by the general protocol artist works and the customer.

In addition, we provide geological support mining operations enterprises.

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